About BEND 

A town that’s truly coming of age.

Osprey’s-eye view of the Mill District in Bend, Oregon

Osprey’s-eye view of the Mill District in Bend, Oregon

It’s no secret any more. The sleepy caterpillar of a mill town that Bend, Oregon was when the Bend Golf Club was born has taken flight like a gorgeous butterfly. Not only is it a place with an ideal climate and terrain for unlimited year-round recreation, it’s also a popular culinary destination famous for its mouthwatering cuisine and a growing assortment of microbreweries. Throw in a variety of shops and galleries, as well as a busy calendar of concerts and festivals, and you have a town that’s consistently ranked among the top places to live in the country.

Here’s proof:

From its secluded setting in the southern edge of town, 1925 puts the mountains, downtown, the Old Mill District and all of the wonders of living in Bend within reach. Shopping and dining on 3rd Street are just a few blocks away. And several schools, including Bend’s next new high school, are just a short drive and a wedge shot away.