Welcome to 1925 Townhomes 

Steeped in tradition. Immersed in recreation.

On March 27, 1925, a handful of prominent Bend citizens bought a beautiful 172-acre parcel of forested land south of town from the Brooks-Scanlon Lumber Company for the paltry sum of $250. Their intention was to develop the area’s first golf course that wasn’t just an assortment of rock chuck holes in a pasture. Just six weeks after that, it seems the guys were so anxious to play the new Bend Golf Club’s first nine holes, they didn’t bother waiting for the grass to grow.

Today, nearly a century later, Arrowood Development, LLC presents the next eagerly anticipated event in the history of the Bend Golf Club: the arrival of its first residential community, the appropriately named “1925” Townhomes. This time, for golf and recreation enthusiasts, it’s safe to say the grass will never be greener.

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